10/10 recommend

We needed Air Duct cleaning and called multiple companies that came out and charged us to tell us we needed a extra cleaning, a different service, etc because it was “so bad”. One even told us that we had mold in our vents so it would be xx extra money to get it cleaned and that they would have to come back and tried charging us thousands of dollars. I called Truetech Services and Jorge was very professional and educated me on what the scammers will say and what to look for. I knew from the second that I talked to him and he told me “They probably tried to sell you an UV light also, didn’t they? Yeah you don’t need that.” He didn’t charge to come out and tell us what we already knew that it needed to be cleaned as we had never done it after 4 years of living in the house as first time home owners. After giving a couple more calls and hearing that these companies and their scam tactics wanting $100 or so dollars just to come out and tell us what we already knew we wanted/needed, we knew that Truetech Services was who we would use. We even told another company that we inquired for air duct cleaning that was also on BBB in our area that we talked to Jorge and he told us “Jorge has great prices, we are more expensive and you should use him you won’t be disappointed.” We are more than pleased with his team. They were professional, got the work done, cleaned up not leaving one spec of dust in our house and we feel like we are breathing completely new air and our house feels like a brand new house. Informed us on some tips on keeping it clean and replaced all of our vents. 10/10 rating! Stop looking and talking to scammers/ overly expensive companies and book with them now! You won’t regret it!

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