Highly Recommend TrueTech Services for your HVAC and A/C Duct cleaning needs.

After realizing we needed to replace the HVAC systems in our 26-year-old home. We began the dreaded quest to find a certified and reputable A/C company. After getting several reasonable quotes, we chose TrueTech Services. Our decision wasn’t strictly based on price, although TrueTech Services’ quote was approximately 27% less than the average of all our other quotes. No, the main reason we went with Jorge and TrueTech Services was because of Jorge Ortega himself. He’s extremely knowledgeable which instilled confidence that we would get the best quality systems for our hard-earned money. Before bidding the job, Jorge asked several key questions that reassured my wife and I that he truly cared about providing us with an A/C system that met our needs. We explained that our master bedroom stayed about 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house while a couple of the smaller rooms, like our laundry room and downstairs ½ bathroom remained extremely cold. Jorge spent the time to thoroughly evaluate our existing systems to better understand exactly why we had these issues. He determined that our plenums were under sized, and we had an insufficient amount of return air. Jorge and his team came in a completely cleaned, disinfected, and replaced all the air vents prior to changing our two 3.5-ton systems. They were extremely meticulous with the execution of every task. They didn’t damage anything in our house nor leave any mess for us to have to clean up behind them. In the end, it took them 5 days to completely replace our two HVAC systems and we could NOT be happier. The house is balanced, and all of our temperature controls struggles have been resolved. I highly recommend TrueTech Services to anyone and everyone. We are 100% satisfied with the topflight service from Jorge and his team.

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